6 Common WordPress Issues and How to Fix Them

6 Common WordPress Issues and How to Fix Them

Common WordPress Issues and How to Fix Them

Fix WordPress Issues

WordPress is one of the most influential CMS platforms that enable you to create and develop a website or blog. Most of the time, it works smoothly and offers automatic updates that allow for easy management. The platform is also highly-customizable that allows you to input new themes and plugins for the website.

Professional WordPress Support Help Is On The Way!

Instant WordPress Help helps you to find out solution for any wordpress issues.

1.Plug In Issue

Plugin Issue mostly occurs when there is conflict with other plugins. This may lead to your existing or newly installed plugins to not work properly. We not just limited to solving plugins issues but as we can do installation for you.

WordPress Plugin

2.Themes Issue :

Is there something strange going inside your WordPress theme? Does theme updates caused issue for your WordPress site? No worries, we can handle this for you. We can also help you with Installing WordPress Themes and Creating Child theme so you will not be loosing your custom changes.

WordPress Theme issues

3. WordPress White Screen of Death :

WordPress White Screen of Death means sometimes when you update your WordPress site, your WordPress site shows completely white page. We can fix this issue.

Wordpress White Screen of Death

4. WordPress Installation

Have you not yet set up the WordPress site? No worries, we can set it up for you. Our WordPress expret team will do a fresh WordPress installation for you. Also, if you provide us a theme we will set up the theme for you.

Wordpress Installation

5. Database errors

Error can occur any time. Getting any problem related to database while site migration or doing a WordPress installation, our experts will manage it. Also, we provide entire database security, so that your database won’t get affected by any malware.

Database errors

6. CSS/Layout tweaks

The layout is the visual representation of your WordPress site. If you’re getting any design issue we can fix it. Having any issue with your responsive site or want a site to be responsive, we can manage your WordPress site to be mobile friendly.

CSS Tweak

Your website won’t break down, will run fast, and will stay safe and sound. Put Instant WordPress Help in your toolbox. We can fix any WordPress issue of your site inside little time.

Do you want to Fix WordPress Issues – Don’t worry, it’s super easy…and quick.

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