How Can You Turn The 404 Error Pages Exciting & Engaging?

How Can You Turn The 404 Error Pages Exciting & Engaging?

How Can You Turn The 404 Error Pages Exciting & Engaging?

The ‘Page not found’ or ‘404 error’ is arguably the maximum stressful and complicated of texts that you can come upon at the internet. Its miles like hitting the dead cease of your search tunnel with no mild in sight. The mind frequently wonders why 404? If the grapevine is to be believed, then 404 turned into the room wherein the first internet server at CERN becomes placed. Importantly, given that user enjoy has end up the be all and give up all objective for corporations, way to the contemporary Google large middle set of rules, it’s time you emerge as innovative with the 404 error web page.

So, in place of letting the person stare blankly at a few drab messages on the 404 errors page, you can flip it enticing with progressive designs laced with diffused humor. Allow your visitor recreation a huge grin even as coming across the 404 web page. Use the Web Design Services In Kolhapur creatively to turn him or her into a ability client. However, earlier than going into the ways wherein you may flip your 404 errors page into an enticing one, let us recognize why the page is proven within the first area.

Why does a 404 error page arise?

It occurs while a user is not able to attain a selected web page for the following reasons –

The web page has been removed from the server.

The page has been moved to a special location without changing the URL.

The user had typed an incorrect URL.

Despite the fact that innovation is the important thing here in catching the eye of the person with some cool graphics, we present 10 ways wherein you may use the 404 errors page creatively and allow it replicate your creativity and client centric technique.

1. Be honest and come immediately to the point

How Can You Turn The 404 Error Pages Exciting

There may be no point in beating around the bush while you realize why the user has landed up there (study with the aid of typing a wrong URL). So, be honest and make a literal representation of the situation by way of showing an expression of being ‘Sorry’ as an instance. In the above picture, the 404 error page is pretty candid about expressing to the person that he or she has erred someplace and has landed up right here.

2. Use humor

How Can You Turn The 404 Error Pages Exciting

Humor can work wonders by way of making light of reputedly tough situations. Normally, the user is burdened and in all likelihood annoyed at reaching the 404 blunders web page. So, why not turn the situation excellent with a few uncharacteristic humor. For example, inside the above referred to 404 blunders web page, the user is transported into the emptiness of area signifying that he or she is lost. There upon comes the cool pictures and CTA button to assuage the nerves of the user.

3. Keep it easy!

How Can You Turn The 404 Error Pages Exciting

Occasionally easy matters can entice and be effective. in the connected 404 error web page, there are not any more bits and pieces of info however an easy message for the person. The magnifying glass in the most literal and figurative experience conveys to the user that he or she became trying to find something however instead has landed up right here.

4. Emotion

How Can You Turn The 404 Error Pages Exciting

Design a 404 error page that draws on the emotion of the user. The man or woman proven within the page seems to be sad (and sorry) because the page searched by using the user has been located to be lacking. On the equal time, the text in inexperienced indicates empathy in plentiful degree and coaxes the user to go returned to the home page. Interesting, isn’t it?

5. Illustration

How Can You Turn The 404 Error Pages Exciting

All of us like stories while they are interspersed with illustrations. So, why not engage the attention of the person by using them at the 404 errors web page? Inside the photograph, a pigeon looks at once into the eyes of the person telling him or her about the following course of motion. Therefore, as a person, you may now not flounder and stay burdened but rather find the CTA button and go back.

 6. Don’t overdo things

How Can You Turn The 404 Error Pages Exciting

Once in a while overdoing things can land you right into a soup. It is higher to hold matters simple by following the modern developments. Inside the attached image, the quirky person wants to emphasize that there is not anything wrong with achieving the web page and now not finding the right info.

7. Overlap pictures

How Can You Turn The 404 Error Pages Exciting

The overlap of colors, outcomes, shapes, and letters can make a photograph exciting. The connected image has an easy black and white text circumscribed with the aid of a circle. But, the slanted strains on the 404 text add a chunk of quirkiness emphasizing the reality that something is amiss.

8. Use Suitable Imagery

Within the above image, the road barricade serves as an appropriate imagery. It rightly points out to the user that at the same time as typing the direction to attain a selected web site, she or he has hit a street block. The picture also has a button that redirects the person to the sooner page for this reason negating any confusion within the user’s thoughts, which may have arisen on seeing the error page.

9. Theme Colour

How Can You Turn The 404 Error Pages Exciting

Its miles higher to use the topic shade of your logo even as designing the 404 error web page. It’s going to remind the user that he or she is still now not misplaced and your emblem is simply round by the facet preserving his or her hand.

10. Options

How Can You Turn The 404 Error Pages Exciting

It is a smart concept to present the person with alternatives as to wherein he or she wants to proceed from the 404 page – lower back to the homepage, the carrier pages or the social media debts of your brand. Its miles better to provide quite a few options to the person making her or him assume some time in preference to simply heading lower back. This way, you may make the visitor live longer for your web page or the social media page and with any luck, garner a lead.


There are examples aplenty and the sky is the only limit when it comes to designing your 404 error page. The objective is to make it engaging and interesting enough for the user to stay hooked – for a while. Since designing such pages needs creativity, which usually comes out of experience, it is better to engage experienced brand identity design services.

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