Easy Ways To Attract More Website Visitors

Easy Ways To Attract More Website Visitors


Traffic is an important thing in online business, and without traffic, your online business won’t be successful. It doesn’t matter how much time, money and efforts you invested to create a website, If you’re not getting any visitors to your site, then websites value drops because your targeted customers never see it. It is a bad sign for the business.

So, to get more visitors to your site and make your online business successful you have to figure out hot to do it. Based on our past experience of building a successful website we figure out some techniques that will help your business to get more visitors. So let’s jump to the point.

1. Content is king –

Content is primary and one of the most important part to attract and keep visitors to the website. Content will never give you overnight results but Strong and robust content gives you long-term benefits.

Google claimed thoughts about irrelevant keywords usage and it is no longer help in SEO, either way, it will harm your site’s ranking. Beside of this creating SEO friendly content and using only relevant keywords in your content will help to boost your rankings.

Picking up right keywords help a lot in content creation and make sure keep your keyword density in proportion. The quality content has to viral because more the viral content the more people will share it and in term of ranking is it very good sign to googles algorithm. It also helps to increase Seach Engine Result Page (SERP) ranking.

According to analytics, more than 90% of the search engine traffic goes to first page results. Getting organic traffic by improving organic search results is the best way to grab more visitors.

2. Social media activities –

You have to be active on your social media to reach more customers and drive more traffic to your site. Most of the big brands have their 50-60% of their traffic from their facebook page. While every big business has active on facebook and twitter. It is today’s primary requirement to have social media activities, Also other social media platforms are very important.

Every social media has it’s own identity to represent, so choosing the best social media platform is a very important task. For B2B business LinkedIn is best. If you have a Strong visual identity of your business then Instagram and Pinterest is a gold mine for you, One picture speaks a thousand words. Also shearing content on social media and blog site like Tumblr will attract the people to engage and also improve websites ranking by sharing links on it.

3. Mobile optimized –

In may, 2015 Google announces that Searches on a mobile device is surpassed desktop searches the first time. and still, this trend is continuously growing. People prefer the mobile device to search immediately if they get any problem. it is growing rapidly. Google also added new factors in Search Engine Result Page (SERP) your website has to be mobile friendly, and they offer a free tool to check your site.

If you have website mobile optimized then more people trust in your brand and it will improve websites recommendation in search results. It also helps to gain more traffic, because every mobile visitor will recommend your site to others, and the world of mouth will help you to get more visitors to your site.

4. Optimize for speed –

It is another important factor considered by search engine algorithm in terms of ranking and usability. Nobody likes the site which takes more time to load. The Kissmatrics analysis says “40% of people do not visit the site again which takes more than 3 seconds to load.”

Your websites speed is depending on different factors of web design and development. One of the main factors is image size. more the size of the image the more it the time it will take to load. To solve this problem you can use free tools like TinyPNG to compress an image and keep its quality same. If your site is WordPress CMS based you can use plugins like Smush, it can optimize all images for you. If your site is heavy then it will help to improve its performance.

5. Email Marketing Campaigns –

Email marketing is the oldest and effective marketing strategy used by marketers, You have seen many big brands and websites do an email marketing campaign for lead generation. Email is one effective way to communicate to customers, either you have a new product to launch or tell the visitors about your new blog post.

Managing the email list effectively is the main task here. Arrange the subscriber’s category wise and make then update timely is very important to get long-term benefits from subscribers. There are many email marketing services available online, you can star with MailChimp, it is free to use and in addition, you can upgrade it when your list grows.

6.PPC and Social Media Advertising –

Most of the time organic search results help you to generate leads but, it will take more time to generate leads. If you want results faster then paid campaigns help you to get more customers. A well-settled PPC campaign of Google AdWords Or BingAds will increase traffic.

The research work in PPC advertising is a very important task. For this work google offer its free tool Google Keyword Planner, it is one of the important and effective tools. But, in case of strong keyword research you have to use other tools like Ahrefs which show you what your competitors are doing and SEMrush which shows you competitors budgets, Ad designs and suggest you best keywords to use. These tools are paid, but it will help your campaign more successful.

Also, you can Use Facebook advertising, Facebook is also effective in paid advertising. A nice setup Fb ad account bring traffic that generates great leads. The Facebook pixel tracking system is one of the effective ways to track and optimize your campaign.

Final Words,

It is never too hard to launch an online business if you have right plan set up. Choose a Quality web design service, Building the right traffic building strategies will make your business successful. Focus one Search engine results and it will bring you great results.

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